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Making money from email has never been so simple.

We integrate with the most popular ecommerce platforms and are always adding more.


How it works.

When someone places an order, it’s a great feeling—but there’s an 80% chance you’ll never see that customer again—we can help you change that.

Keep customers in the buying cycle. Customers are most receptive to marketing right after they’ve purchased. Send email with personalized recommendations early in the game to encourage repeat business.

Re-engage idle customers. They’re not gone—but they are drifting away. Rare uses predictive analytics behind the scenes so you can send personalized recommendations and offers that grab their attention (think Amazon!).

Win back churned customers with personalized recommendations and incentives. Better yet, reach customers before they churn. Rare can predict which customers are at risk of churning and automatically take preventive action.

Bottom line, we love Rare and we don’t dare turn it off!

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Email that looks good everywhere.

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Effortlessly design beautiful and responsive emails that display perfectly anywhere by leveraging the email designer drag-and-drop feature or importing your own HTML code to the editor.

Get Started has been a fantastic addition to our business. Amazing support and customer service.

Right customer. Right message. Right time.

Turn prospects into valuable customers by segmenting prospects lists and send highly targeted messages to the right customers at the right time as soon as they join your newsletter for better promotional campaigns, and better results.

When you send the right message to the right audience, they are more receptive, more likely to take action, and less likely to unsubscribe. Our intuitive, graph-driven segment builder lets you tailor every message to your target audience.

Timing matters too. Create a personalized engagement schedule for your customers based on their interactions with your store. Deliver an incentive when a customer churns, or send a loyalty reward to a VIP seven days after their fourth purchase.

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This really is a must-have app.


Increase email click-through rates. screenshot

With up to 3-5X the click-through rates (CTR), our customers are winning with every emails they send. Customers will look forward to receiving your emails, and you’ll see the revenue lift to prove it.

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The ability to show customers relevant products based on their shopping history with a simple click of a button is magical!